Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Football in Europe are players and coaches a great opportunity for football and Travel

Most people in North America will be astonished that football is booming worldwide, especially in Europe. Football coaches and players who like to travel, Europe offers a great opportunity for the soccer leagues in almost anywhere. While the NFL Europe was disbanded three years ago, continues to grow interest in the game to attract the Championship game in countries such as Germany 20000-30000 fans.

In fact, more than 750 clubs in 28 countries, from France and Italy with Hungary and Serbia. Everyone has at least three divisions in football with an average of eight teams. Basically you can not find a country in Europe that does not have a football league.

Last fall, Jonathan was ready Koidis, college and career Canadian college football at the University of Queens to stop offensive guard playing for the Queen's University Gaels. The team at the end to win the Vanier Cup, the championship of the Canadian College and did not search for Jon still play one or two years. Signed in players € ( and it was not long before I had some offers. Chosen Zurich, Switzerland Rene Gades plays in the Swiss league.

"The team flew over me in February to one of the most beautiful cities I've seen," says Koidis. "They had housing, transport and everything ready, and came to the area in March to practice. The season ends in late July, but what a great experience I had. I did not expect to play football again, and also in Europe ".

The caliber of play varies from country to country and sometimes from season to season. Imports also vary. Germany, for example, allow for a more imports (divided between North American and European imports) in the list and in the field. Stations also change from country to country. For example, the season in Belgium in late May, while Finland start, but at this time to play.

Coaches must not, however, increasingly on the import and universities former professional football coach in the school care, you too can discover the joy and pleasure to train in Europe.

Brian Gaylor is from Texas in his first year as coach stamps Labeck in the fourth division in Germany. "One of my good friends who now trains in Sweden, European coach recommended adventure for me," says Galyor. "I'm registered at the EURO Web player, and soon had a supply of stamps. I enjoy it and plan to stay two or three years."

For coaches and players interested plan is simple. Registered players, please follow the instructions for use of the euro and a team player to find. The website makes it easy for you.


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